1byone HIFI Stereo Speaker – Should I Say Wow?


This 1byone Bluetooth Speaker is not the best portable bluetooth speaker, but possible one of the loudest speaker for a budget under $80. In fact, it sounds better than some overhyped branded speakers that cost double the price, and only because they spend a lot on advertising they sell better in the market. There are some less known brands but make earnest audio systems, 1byone is such company based in California, United States. 1byone Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass was first available at Amazon on August 4, 2016.


The Classy 1byone HIFI Stereo Speaker

Audio/Sound Impression

It is clear that we all want a good sounding speaker, whatever the types/model the speaker might be. From this perspective, the speaker is quite impressive.

This speaker comes with Class D amplifier featuring two 4.5″ speakers of 2*10 watts and 2*12.5 watts, including 2″ trebles. So, whatever comes out from this small box is pretty loud. Again it’s not going to give you high quality sound at breathtaking volumes like those high-end speakers from Bose or JBL. Nonetheless, it delivers loud music with clear stereo and good bass. The good news is, we’re mostly comparing with portable speakers that cost more than $200 with such loudness. Surely an unexpected luxury for a speaker that cost $75.

Design/Looks Impression

From the first look and feel, one can easily notice the vintage looking design. It’s classy and the materials used are strong and well-built. It’s been a while since we get to blend modern technology and classic looks. The speaker is surely fancy looking for those who like things to be classy with a touch of vintage. The PU leather wrapping, wooden cabinet, and its radio buttons all sums up to the memory of my grandfather’s radio which I always wanted to inherit.

Control Buttons

Sometimes, simplicity is bliss. Did we manage to make our life so complicated in the name of modernity?

Well, this 1byone HIFI Stereo Speaker might be just your answer to your taste of simplicity if you’re anything like me. Look no further beyond the speaker to control the sound. It’s all there, very much manual. Of course, you still have your Smartphone to control the volume.


Oops they forgot to install the battery! For whatever reason, it’s plugin only. It stops playing when you unplug, strictly indoor where there is uninterrupted electricity.

Secure Bluetooth Connection & AUX In- Wider Connectivity

The speaker runs on Bluetooth V4.0 technology for secure connection and better sound quality. It will pair easy and fast with any Bluetooth enabled devices like android phones, iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop, etc. To pair the speaker with other non-bluetooth musical gadgets, simply use the 3.5mm audio cable that is included in the package.

Comparisons with other Popular Portable Speakers


Some other popular portable Bluetooth speakers worth comparing to in the price range are OontZ Angle 3, Dknight Magicbox, TaoTronics TT-SK02, Soundance portable SDY019 and POWKER Bluetooth V4.0.

Final Verdict

1byone HIFI Stereo Speaker is classy and loud. I would recommend this speaker to anyone looking for something vintage and high quality sound.

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