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In present market we have hundreds of portable Bluetooth speakers to choose from and manufacturers are hyper competitive. They offer various innovative features and designs to meet our purposes at competitive prices. Yet, it is still not easy to pick the best choice given our budget and requirements.

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This 1byone Bluetooth Speaker is not the best portable bluetooth speaker, but possible one of the best speaker for a budget under $30. In fact, it sounds better than some overhyped branded speakers that cost double the price, and only because they spend a lot on advertising they sell better in the market. There are some less known brands but make earnest audio systems, 1byone is such company based in California, United States. 1byone Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass was first available at Amazon on November 18, 2015.

1byone Bluetooth Speaker Review

Audio/Sound Impression

It is clear that we all want a good sounding speaker, whatever the types/model the speaker might be. From this perspective, the speaker is quite decent. It’s not going to give you high quality sound at breathtaking volumes like those high-end portable speakers from Infinity or JBL. Nonetheless, with maximum sound level of 91 dB (Decibels) it delivers loud music with clear stereo and modest bass. We are mostly comparing with portable speakers that cost more than $100 with such loudness. Surely an unexpected luxury for a speaker that cost $30.

The improved Ultra-Bass-Booster is not quite good as expected. It has limitations of low-budget portable speaker once you start playing at high volumes. Having said that I find the HD sound impressive, it sounds great while playing acoustical tracks.

Design/Looks Impression

From the first look and feel, I sense that the speaker is built tough and solid. The rubberized finishing texture and the plastic materials used are strong and well-built. I notice a strap/cord attached at the top right side of the speaker, which I think will be very handy when carrying it around. The speaker is rectangular in shape with round edges, and is not that big in size. It is a ‘mini Bluetooth speaker’ designed for portability and multipurpose usage, with an overall dimension of 7.1 x 2.4 x 1.7 inches.

The speaker is not fancy looking (I’m not saying it is bad either); that it might not be the best in design. I will give an average score when it comes to the overall design/looks of the speaker with the messy extra circle designs. But its waterproof feature, tough/solid design and portability nature is what beats other such speakers for the price. Packed along with the speaker is a micro USB charging cable, AUX cable (3.5mm), and a welcome guide book.

IPX5 Waterproof Feature- Indoor and Outdoor Speaker

As per my finding, waterproof speaker models are built tougher and stronger than the ordinary ones. They are specially designed for indoor/outdoor fun activities and thus more suitable for anywhere usage. Such speakers will also last longer as it can withstand rain/water or an accidental drop.

This Black Box 434US-0003 Bluetooth Speaker has an IP rating of IPX5 (read more about IP rating here). This rating shows that the speaker can withstand shower, water spray, water splash, water jets, and the likes from any angle. And this is where the term ‘multipurpose speaker’ fits in; you can use it in your room, outdoors, car, bathroom, etc. for different purposes like listening music, watching movie, playing games, and reading audio books. Having said that you should remember this speaker is not fully waterproof. It cannot withstand full submersion in water and the manufacturer does not recommend it.


Powerful Battery- More Fun

The 1byone portable speaker is designed to give you endless entertainment, and as such, it features a powerful 1500 mAh rechargeable battery. It gives playtime of up to 8 long hours, or even more if you play music at lower volumes. Turn it on and have more fun.

Secure Bluetooth Connection & AUX In- Wider Connectivity

The speaker runs on Bluetooth 4.0 technology for secure connection and better sound quality. It will pair easy and fast with any Bluetooth enabled devices like android phones, iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop, etc. To pair the speaker with other non-bluetooth musical gadgets, simply use the 3.5mm audio cable that is included in the package.

Speakerphone- Take Calls Directly from the Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker can turn itself into a speakerphone when connected to your smartphone either by Bluetooth or cable. The speaker has a built-in microphone to let you take calls directly from the speaker itself. This is an important feature because it gives you option to take calls directly from the speaker when your phone is far away, when your hands are occupied, for e.g. like driving, cooking, typing, etc.

Control Buttons

For your own convenience, the control buttons are attached on the top of the speaker. There are four buttons- the power button, pause/play/speakerphone button, volume down/previous button and volume up/next button.

Little complication arises because the (-) and (+) buttons are used for both previous/next and volume up/volume down. A single tap/push on these two buttons will skip the song or go back to the previous song. To control the volume you will need to keep on pressing the desired button. Press and hold the (+) button to increase the volume and the (-) button to decrease the volume). It would be more convenient if the manufacturer give separate buttons for volume control and previous/next control. But, after using the speaker twice or thrice, this is not an issue for me.


USB Charging

To make charging easier wherever you go, the manufacturer introduced USB charging on this speaker. I liked this feature as micro USB chargers are easy to find (literally you can find one in every household).

Refer the table below for your reference or comparison.

1byone Black Box 434US-0003 Bluetooth 4.0 Waterproof Speaker
Size 7.1 x 2.4 x 1.7 inches
Weight 12 ounces
Color Black
Speaker Watt 5 Watt with Bass Booster
Audio Output Stereo audio sound, 91 dB loudness and deep bass
Waterproof Level Rated IPX5, can withstand water jets from any angle
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 version and 3.5mm cable
Battery Power 1500 mAh, up to 8 hours playtime or more
Charging Type Micro USB charger
Control Buttons Yes



Comparisons with other Popular Portable Speakers

Some other popular portable speakers worth comparing to in the price range are OontZ Angle 3, Dknight Magicbox, TaoTronics TT-SK02, Soundance portable SDY019 and POWKER Bluetooth V4.0.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that the 1byone 434US-0003 Bluetooth Speaker is cheaper (compared to other various similar speaker models), yet it delivers satisfactory audio sound quality and offers useful features. I think most people would be happy with this 1byone bluetooth speaker for the price.

I would recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a multipurpose mini Bluetooth speaker under $30 budget. If you’re willing to spend an extra $20 you can expect better bass quality and features from other brands. Otherwise, this speaker is an easy-pick from amidst the much confusing choices of low budget speakers in the market.

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