1byone Outdoor / Shower Speaker – An Ideal Personal Companion

1byone Outdoor:Shower Speaker

I hadn’t heard of 1byone speakers before but this newcomer is gaining popularity for making affordable and quality sound bluetooth speakers. 1byone shower portable speaker is a nice choice if you’re looking for ultra portability, waterproof, dust-proof and good sound without having to care much for what you pay.

Price: $35.99

Sale: $19.99 

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It’s not just a Bluetooth shower speaker but suitable for outdoor/indoor use with certain limitations. Don’t let the size fool you, it can get loud without having to spend extra dollars. Nonetheless, this isn’t a top-end speaker that you can boast about. It’s a basic ultra portable speaker, more of a personal gadget which you can enjoy with a small group.

Why Would I recommend 1byone Shower/Outdoor Speaker?

This is the second speaker we reviewed from 1byone. Earlier, Maxi reviewed 1byone bluetooth speaker which is a decent portable speaker with reasonable price tag. With some flaws, mostly negligible this 1byone shower/outdoor speaker is a great choice for personal fulfilment.

I’d recommend this speaker for personal use though not restricted to personal use alone. It can be a great companion for almost anything personal when it comes to good music and sound. The following list is why I recommend this speaker:

  • Great Sound

I love 1byone shower speaker for the amazing quality sound and loudness. It makes other established brands a run for their money. It’s small and convenient, yet loud enough to thrill without sound distortion. You can expect decent bass along with highs and mid-range sounds.

  • TF Card Slot

This is a nice feature and comes as a surprise especially for a low-budget portable speaker. I hate to sync bluetooth and also most SmartPhones offer limited storage capacity or we pay hefty sum for every extra GB. TF card comes to rescue for those who like to flip songs for hours without ever settling with one. You don’t have to sync bluetooth and store as much songs as you like. The “M” button on the speaker is the mode button to switch from Bluetooth to TF card.

  • IPX6 Rating

Think of outdoor and adventure, the advantage is always with waterproof gadgets. This 1byone outdoor/shower speaker is IPX6 rating. It means total protection from ingression of dust and also withstand water jets spray from any angle. The power input port and TF card slot is sealed with rubber cover making  the speaker quite safe from water splash. But you can’t immerse in the water like IPX 7 and IPX8 rated gadgets. Also, 1byone outdoor speaker is robustly built, a bonus for adventure lovers.

  • Awesome Battery Life

Battery life is impressive, though small and compact in size it can play continuous music for 7 hours. Of course, this will depend on how you use the device, and particularly how loud you play it. Anyway, kudos to 1byone! It’s hard to find speakers with such compaction and size that plays continuous music for 7 hours.


Things to Improve

Strangely, it can’t be place upright. You can hang it though. The detachable steel handle is a nice add-on to hang it on backpack, but it won’t sit upright which looks odd to me.

They have ensure to keep the speaker safe from water splash by sealing the power input port with a rubber flap. You can uncover this flap easily. But sealing it back is tricky and sometimes it becomes a struggle.

There are no separate buttons for volume, the same “next” and “previous” song buttons are also used as volume buttons. This is logical to minimise buttons and because this speaker is small. But again, there are no “minus” and “plus” signs on the buttons which can be confusing while operating the speaker before you memorise its functions. Lastly, it lacks suction cup to truly qualify as shower speaker.

Final Verdict

Overall, 1byone outdoor/shower speaker may not be the best shower speaker but it’s loud, robust, waterproof, and sound quality is awesome. I think it’s a great bargain for $20.

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