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Welcome to Thundering Sound!

What can happen because of common interest never fails to amaze me. We are a group of friends that have never met in real life, but have interacted with one another greatly in forums that discusses speakers. We undeniably have great passion for mediums that bring music to us—one of them being portable Bluetooth speakers. Over a period of time, we were emailing one another regularly (yes, casual emails still exist!) and even have added one another in chatting apps. Our numerous chats, casual talks, and comparisons over each other’s latest buy led to several longer talks, and the obvious passion gave one of us the bright idea of sharing it with a bigger audience by creating a website. Thus, one rather cold, snowy winter morning in 2015, thunderingsound.com was born. Now, this is the place where we share our experiences and views on various Bluetooth speakers. A small effort has been made to organize speakers according to size or type so that readers can easily navigate according to the kind of speaker they are looking for. Hope it helps.

If you are a passionate portable Bluetooth speaker owner and would like to share your reviews or contribute articles, please submit it to me at alexis@thunderingsound.com. For all accepted articles, we will pay $200. I know the money is not much, but we would like to share as many unbiased thoughts and reviews as possible to people so that their hunt for the perfect speaker gets easier. Hope we hear from you soon.


Alexis (Acting Editor-in-Chief. Beat that!)

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