Best Waterproof Speakers in 2017

First, there was the home theater and sub-woofer sound system, which are big and way too heavy that it limits the freedom of playing music where we want. Later, the portable Bluetooth Speaker was introduced, which became ‘the favorite speaker’ for music lovers because it finally made music go where we go.

But, have you ever felt the need for a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker? If you are an adventurous person who loves outdoor activities and wants to listen to music most of the time, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker will meet your lifestyle. If you like portable Bluetooth speaker, chances are you will certainly like Bluetooth waterproof speakers much more.

There is not much difference between Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Waterproof Speaker. But, it is the little difference that changes it all. Both are portable Bluetooth speaker that is quiet similar in size and design, and functions in the same way, too. 

Benefits of Picking the Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

First, let’s have a clear understanding of what waterproof speaker means. Some speakers which are labeled waterproof do not necessarily mean you can fully submerge the speaker in water for hours. Some are just splash proof or water resistant and if fully submerged in water, will stop working.

So, while buying Bluetooth waterproof speakers, the most important thing to remember is to check the IP (Ingress Protection) rating. The higher the IP rating, the better the protection of your speaker is against water. For example, a speaker with an IP of 88 is a top-notch speaker that can withstand rain or water even when fully submerged. 

Coming back to the point, I would like to list the benefits you will get by choosing a waterproof speaker in the following manner.

Strong and More Durable

I observed that a portable waterproof speaker is generally designed for more durability. This may not be the case for all its type, but most of them are made with strong and sturdy material. It is more durable and safer than the normal speakers. 

Can be Used as a Shower Speaker

I believe many of us have the habit of singing while taking a shower. Now with a waterproof shower speaker, you have a new companion that you can sing along your favorite song. Since it is waterproof, your speaker will work just fine and even if you drop it in the water accidentally; you don’t have to worry anymore.

More Adventurous and Fun

Grabbing the right gear on a adventurous trip will add more fun and enjoyment. For outdoor music, picking the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a must. Powered by a long lasting battery and made with sturdy material, plus waterproof, there is nothing to worry about. You will always have music to accompany you and make your trip more fun and enjoyable.

With the above extra benefits that you get and not compromising on audio sound quality, Bluetooth waterproof speaker, I should say, is a good investment, and you gain more than what you spend. Bluetooth waterproof speakers does not cost more than ordinary Bluetooth speakers. You will find models below $50 and above $200. 

Listed below are our handpicked best waterproof Bluetooth speakers.  

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