Is Bose Outrageously Overpriced or Anker Pricing Just Great?


What is the stark contrast between Bose Bluetooth speakers and Anker speakers that makes their pricing so wide? Are we not curious to find out what superior features Bose craftsmanship possess to validate its cream of the crop pricing?

Anker, based on various factors, also ranks almost at bar with highly rated brands; Bose in particular, which appears to be the most expensive of the lot. Anker is indeed making big moves lately in audio products in addition to all other areas that the company has its hands in. Unlike Bose, Anker had no history in audio mechanics as such yet they have some of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers for us. 

Comparing Key Features

Bose is indeed one of the superior brands in the audio world featuring key innovations and a price tag which is not the friendliest for everyone. Anker on the other hand comes sweeping in with impressive quality and great pricing. To understand this big divide in price and for the best interest we attempt a certain assessments of both their top ranking portable Bluetooth Speakers; Bose Mini Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker and Anker Cube Bluetooth Speaker MP141.

Underpriced and Often Overlooked, Yet Top Rated Wireless Bluetooth Speakers in 2017


The scope of being portable depends on several aspects including size, convenience, and sturdiness which makes it ideal for carrying about. Bose is not known for it’s friendly sizing, instead, it is best known for its rich sound. Comparatively, Bose Mini Soundlink is much smaller than products from Bose’s product-line, but when compared with the Anker Cube, it undeniably looks and is much bigger. You can easily tote both products in a bag, but you can also take the Anker Cube around in your pocket. Thus, purely on portability sense, Anker has the edge. 

The Mini Bose Bluetooth speaker has a heavy built (over a pound) and is made of durable material that is supposedly meant to take toughness. However, owing much to the bigger size as well, few would take it along on distant adventures. At half the length of the Bose, Anker Cube is light built (measures over just 8 ounces), small in size and definitely more of a portable option between the two, though Anker’s housing has a lesser edge with plastic-durability.

Battery Life

This Bose Bluetooth Speaker has surprisingly lesser battery capacitance than Anker, lasting about less than 7 hours even at low to medium volume in my experience. Honestly, this disappointing battery life is such downer, especially coming from such a reputed brand as Bose. But the upside of the Bose Mini is that you can purchase extra replaceable battery to make your fun last, which also turns out to be sort of a hassle. Anker on the other hand scores big in battery life lasting as much as 15 hours at full volume. For such a small sized speaker, the battery is simply unrivaled with playtime that can go up to 20 hours at medium volume. Unlike Bose, Anker Cube has no trouble whatsoever to be taken on adventures to remote spots and you can be sure it won’t shut off on you the whole day.

Sonic Strength

And now comes the ultimate test of speakers for which they are made for—the sound quality.

  • Audio Quality
    Our Bose undoubtedly has a superb sonic quality (perfect treble & bass) for a Bluetooth speaker that is simply unrivaled. The bass is particularly powerful and the music sounds wholesome, more equaled to a headset listening experience. The Anker Cube has little bass or too little boom in its audio output. The Anker sound quality may be just a step below the Bose and the contrast more profound for the total audiophiliac.
  • Volume
    The Mini Boss, excellent as it may sound, is perhaps not made for parties and fun night outs because the volume is a bit toned down while the smaller Anker Cube surprisingly blast with considerably loud volume. Whatever this Anker lacks in bass output, it covers up with crisp and clear audio that builds with no distortion at all even at high volume. Anker is the fun way to go, of course, but you may prefer Bose for a more passionate musical feel.


Sleek and modern is the new take on fashion. But what matters more is innovative technology by which the design is devised. Bose sport a smart appearance, elegant and sleek with a slightly elongated metal body. It is also cool that the Bose Mini also comes in different shades of grey. Anker MP141 on the other hand comes in two classic colors, black and white. The Anker Cube bears an elegant design; easy and neat.


Bose Mini pairs fairly good with any Bluetooth device. Initially, I had slight crackling issue with OSX, which however got resolved right away with updating the operating system. Otherwise the functionality of Bose is nice and easy even though it lacks some of the basic features like speakerphone and USB charging. The lack of USB charging is one disappointing factor especially because I cannot charge without the charging port.

On the other hand, the small Anker Cube is equipped with all the Bose-missing features including speakerphone which functions crystal clear and I can charge up my speaker from any mobile charging device. Though Anker does not have every other feature like the extra Apps that other Bluetooth speakers in competition possess, the speaker functionality is easy and simple like the ports and switch-panel placings.

Price Point Analysis

Price-wise and feature-wise, Anker makes an entrance with surprising thunder, almost ready to out-shine others. Bose on the other hand is already a household name, known for its elite audio and hefty price tag too. Closely looking at the way these two speakers have been designed, it feels like these speakers are built with different audiences in mind.

Bose seemed to have focused on a more centered group that just wants a premium speaker and has the money to burn. Anker seems to have done the exact opposite. It caters to the need of various people with its inclusive features without compromising on quality and hands it out at a very affordable price.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Bose as well as Anker deserve credit; both are quality-fashioned brands. Anker must nevertheless be given extra aces for being able to bring high quality coupled with rich features at almost hand-out prices. Their product is worth every penny paid. I recently bought a Bluetooth shower speaker which I think is one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the market for less than $30. High cost doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality product. Anker Ultra Portable Pocket Size wireless Bluetooth Speaker is another must check speaker.

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  1. Be suprised if you post this but here goes…
    Wrong comparison, bose with the anker A3143 would make sense, not this, this anker and the bose soundlink mini perhaps, but this is like inear headphones compared to overear cans. And though lots of great points, the grammar makes it unreadable, if you are going to write like this, look up what hi fi articles, that’s the level of grammar you need, not the gradual grammatical slippage which brings this excellent attempt down, it needs a re write, it needs an excellent proof read and then perhaps another re write. Great effort buddy, great products to review, both bose and anker, and not enough people do review anker and bose, but we all wish they would. Well done.

  2. The grammar was just fine and you communicated your points well. I am a native English speaker (USA) and could understand you fine. You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write an audio review. We need ot give some leeway to non-native speakers making the effort to communicate in a universal language.

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