Braven BRV X – Is This The Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?

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2 Responses

  1. Keith says:

    Buyers BEWARE……. When unit battery dies. There is no way to replace?? There customer service is horrible. They do not return emails or call and they do not repair units for bad batteries? So if you want a expensive speaker for a little over a year and want to throw it away, go for it. What a waste of money.. Give there customer service a call before purchasing and see for yourself……

    • Joe says:

      This is not a cheap speaker and I can understand your concern. I’d expect the speaker to last at least 5 years. I own this speaker for almost 2 years now and use it for all my camping trips. I go camping at least thrice a month, luckily I have no such battery issues and I can still play 5 – 6 hours continuously at max volume. Lets see if it live up my expectations.

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