What Makes Deciding on Bluetooth Speaker Hard – It’s Solution

Modern day gadgets are packed with advanced features and smart technologies. A little more know-how on the technology, features, etc. of your gadget will benefit you more. My research on the given topic shows that majority of the Bluetooth speaker buyers find it hard deciding which model to go for. I take that as a major setback because I feel one can only be satisfied when they choose the right model. So, on this article, we will be focusing solely on how to decide/choose the right speaker model.

Personally, I am a very skeptical person when it comes to buying things online. It took me hours, sometimes even days to buy stuffs online. Being skeptical and choosy while buying things via internet is not a bad thing at all. In fact it will save you from disappointment and dissatisfaction afterwards. My suggestions to the online buyers are- take your time, do some research, read expert reviews and also user’s comment. Only then you will be able to make the right choice and be a satisfied buyer/user.

Many Choices? No problem- Just Know Your Needs

A portable wireless speaker that runs with Bluetooth technology had been a hit at the market since its launch. Its portability, advanced modern features, user friendly design, and acceptable audio sound quality made it a favorable musical gadget for many of us. With the advancement in modern technology, Bluetooth speaker had also been changing and evolving. Today, you will find portable Bluetooth speaker of different designs, different types and with different features.

Even though the choices are many, it wouldn’t be hard for you to decide which speaker model to buy if you know your needs and how you intend to use the speaker. Take note- one particular speaker may not meet all your requirements in most cases. For example, if one particular speaker is great in audio sound output it may not be waterproof which made it unfavorable for outdoor use and vice versa. This shows that Bluetooth speaker are of different types designed for different purpose. So, understanding your needs is the key if you want to buy the right speaker.

Knowing The Basics is The Solution

The following point wise analysis will help you understand more about portable Bluetooth speaker and subsequently help you decide easily.

  • What are the different types of portable Bluetooth speaker?

I’d like to categorize portable Bluetooth speakers into three types –  Non-waterproof Bluetooth speaker model, waterproof/outdoor Bluetooth speaker model and shower Bluetooth speaker model. Furthermore, Bluetooth speakers can be divided into two different sizes – mini pocket-sized speaker models and the standard mid-sized Bluetooth speaker models.

  • Is it important to go for models with higher Bluetooth version?

Yes, speaker models with Bluetooth version 4.0 and above are more preferable. This is mainly for three important reasons – for power efficiency (consumes less power), to get more secure Bluetooth connection and for producing superior audio sound quality.

  • What is the connecting range of Bluetooth speakers?

All Bluetooth speakers have a connecting range of up to 30-33 feet at open space. The connecting range may reduce if used in obstructed areas.

  • What does NFC in Bluetooth speaker mean?

Near Field Communication, NFC in short is just another wireless technology that enables close range wireless pairing between enabled gadgets. NFC supports pairing or connection for a distance of just 10 cm. So, if your Bluetooth speaker supports NFC, it means you can connect it to enabled devices using either NFC or Bluetooth. Click here if you want to read more. (https://thunderingsound.com/nfc-vs-bluetooth/)

  • Wi-Fi Enabled Bluetooth Speaker

A Wi-Fi enabled bluetooth speakers will make you stream music directly from cloud storage or other cloud based music apps. It is a great feature which will increase users’ experience. Read more here. (https://thunderingsound.com/wi-fi-and-portable-bluetooth-speaker/)

What is IP rating in Bluetooth speaker?

Ingress Protection (IP) rating in gadgets denotes the degree of protection against solid and liquid intrusion. The first number denotes the degree of protection against solid particles and the second number denotes degree of protection against liquid particles. Any gadget with higher IP rating is recommendable as it can withstand solid and liquid intrusion better. Read our detailed analysis on IP rating here. (https://thunderingsound.com/ip-ratings/)

How long can the battery of Bluetooth speaker last?

All Bluetooth speakers come with powerful rechargeable battery that will give you hours of play time. The play time may vary depending on the battery mAh of each model. You can find Bluetooth speaker models that provide playtime between 6 to 30 hours. Some models may even surpass 30 hours of music.

What is Powerbank in Bluetooth speaker?

This is one great feature of Bluetooth speaker. Some Bluetooth speaker models come with powerful battery. Speaker models that have more than 4000 mAh battery are designed to serve as a powerbank. Such models will give you longer playtime and also you can charge your smartphones, tablets, iPad, etc. through USB cable.

Can I play music without Bluetooth connection?

Yes, you can play music through your Bluetooth speaker without Bluetooth connection in two ways – by making use of 3.5 audio cable wire, and if your speaker has external memory card slot.

What is the audio sound quality of Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speaker models with Bluetooth 4.0 version and above produces clear stereo audio sound. Most Bluetooth speakers support high frequency sound drivers for producing authentic sound. Some models may even support built-in subwoofer for thumbing bass.

How is shower speaker different from waterproof speaker?

In short, Bluetooth speaker models that are labeled shower speaker are water resistant while waterproof models are fully waterproof. Shower speakers may survive a splash of water, shower or little rain whereas waterproof models may survive a dip or fall in water.

On our site thunderingsound.com, we have classified Bluetooth speakers under different categories along with reviews and comparison of popular models. Do check it out and find your right speaker model today.


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