The Ecoxgear Eco Stone Weatherproof Speaker that Floats


Bold and snazzy it is! And, let me tell you, it sounds as brilliant as it looks. That’s my Ecoxgear Eco Stone I am talking about. If you lead a vivacious lifestyle, the Ecoxgear Eco Stone portable Bluetooth speaker should be your perfect companion. It’s rugged and well-crafted design makes it the one floating speaker that I pick for my watercraft adventures. Ecoxgear to me likens Eco-friendly plus extra-tough gear. With all its fascinating innovations, which the brand probably intended as answers to popular demand, the Eco Stone fulfilled my dream for a tough floating speaker. Talking of shockproof or waterproof, Ecoxgear to me tops as one of the most reliable and attractive options.

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Sale: $100.03

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Think of it—drop it on hard ground or in deep water, the Ecostone is still good to go. And, what’s more, it pops up to the surface and floats on water. With the same sort of resilience and ruggedness that Braven BRV-X stands out for, Ecogear Eco Stone also shines effortlessly with style at almost double the size of Braven BRV-X. I still recall the first time I noticed one of these speakers at a poolside party. A sprightly speaker sporting bold red was pumping up the whole pool yard, and that too, while floating on its back in the pool. I was captivated—I knew that it was what I was looking for.

Key Specifications

An outdoor enthusiast, ain’t you? I have big stuff for you, keep your hopes up.

Decent Dimension

Ecoxgear Eco Stone speaker, has a decent looking size of 5 x 3.7 x 10.1 inches and with a solid built, it is comfortable to hold by the built-in handle. Yes, say ergonomics, it covers all. Carry the speaker wherever you want, its handy—toss it, flaunt it, for it comes in five burly colors including orange, blue, black, red, and the exclusive Realtree Max Camo.

Extreme Weatherproof

My Ecostone has a sonic muscle that can brave extreme environments. It is specified that the speaker can withstand temperatures ranging from 140 to 165 degree Fahrenheit, which literally means it is heatproof to a great extend. Are you a little skeptical about this just like I was? Well, turns out it’s true and what more, it is dustproof, waterproof, as well as shockproof. My little beast went through a stand-storm that I happened to struggle through once. And damn, it still works perfect eleven months from then; the brand did claim that it passed military grade testing (MIL810G).

Rugged Durability

With rubberized shockproof casing and substantial metal grills that cover the front and rear drivers, the speaker has ultra-durability. The Silicone encased shell is impressive and the speaker has a very sturdy feel. Doesn’t Eco Stone sound like it’s meant to withstand pumps or falls with stone-toughness anyway? Trust me, it’s truly rugged and you have nothing to fear.

True Waterproof

Now, let me tell you why everyone says that the speaker is perfect for boating trips, poolside enjoyment, as well as rafting adventures. This Ecoxgear mini speaker has an international waterproof certification of IP68 (Facts You Should Understand About IP Ratings for Gadgets), a whooping cool feature that makes the speaker just next to waterproof perfection. Yeah, it can withstand submersion under water for a depth of up to 3 feet and to top that, it floats—the ultimate catch that made me go for it in the first place. And so far, it works great, just as described. Note that the water resistance reduces when the protection lock is not placed over the ports or jacks.


Lively Audio

The audio quality is indeed clean, brisk, and crisp on the higher frequency. The speaker has a 4 inch radiator to reinforce the low-end frequency and the rear mounted subwoofer creates a well rounded audible bass. Well honestly I will not consider the speaker Hi-Fi rugged, but I like the fact that it is decently audible in all genres of music I love. Classic rock, pop, and country sounds pretty good on my Eco Stone, but acoustic blues sound excellent even at low levels. Besides, it’s great that my son isn’t after this one because his metal tracks do not sound all that great on this speaker. This San Diego-based company claimed that they have doubled the speaker power, volume level, bass performance as well as the size and I have little room to doubt their claims.

Grand Battery Life

The speaker’s capacitance is a whooping 2800 mAh, grand enough for a channel speaker of its size which supports a playtime of 12 hours. And, as if that is not enough, you can charge it via USB charges. That’s not all, it also gives a USB output that provides emergency backup for your phone battery.

Wireless Performance

Just as sturdy as its looks, Ecoxgear Eco Stone has a pretty solid wireless performance. Prompt Bluetooth pairing, and it streams seamlessly in a range of 60 feet. Told you, it is reliable. You will hardly notice any hiccups even at the edge of this range. And I was pleased to see how the volume is mirrored between the speaker and my iphone, I even found an icon appearing on my iphone screen that indicates the battery level of the speaker.

Gears Attached for Enhanced Performance

Like I said, the Eco Stone speaker is very handy and user-friendly, and for added versatility it is equipped with the following features:

  • A detachable mounting option that comes in handy when outdoors, it can be used with tripods and other hardware equipments.
  • A built-in flashlight which proves handy around campsites or times of emergency.
  • An RMS of 24 watts that enhances power handling, which is actually responsible for its loud speaker.
  • A speakerphone, though not quite up to my expectation; I hardly bother about it when at the beach or in a pool.

Besides, the speaker has separate volume and track selection buttons. A big plus point for me.

What’s the Specialty of the Trendy Eco Stone?

Whether an adventure enthusiasts or not, I’m quite sure this speaker will appeal to you or almost everyone for that matter. Everyone deserves a chance to make a fashion statement they fancy. The price point, as I consider, is very reasonable especially online, and if you happen to connect with my desire for big sound in a tough portable speaker, then maybe you should go check out the Ecoxgear Eco Stone Speaker and get to listen for yourself. Trust your ears; it’s you who knows your own choice best. I can only assure you that this speaker’s audio performance with its weatherproof features is commendable for the adventures I indulge in. So go ahead take your plunge and get your adrenaline pumping. Trust me, you need the kind of fun it creates, it’s a trendy sound blaster!

Price: $149.99

Sale: $100.03

You Save: $49.96 (33%)

Amazon Discount Link Here


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  1. I love this review. I’ve not tried these device but with this review I know this is gonna be a mind blowing device, I’m ordering this right away and I’ll come back to drop my review.

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