Fun-Accessories For Your Portable Speakers

Better go wireless! Better go hassle free! In an age teeming with technological innovations, Bluetooth speakers are one huge leap in the wireless realm. Talk about technology, Bluetooth speakers are hot gadgets in trend. Talk of how smart these gadgets are. Talk of how much of blasting fun it is made for. In that strain, what’s most significant is how your music listening experience can be even more fun and liberating. Talking of a whole new level of music passion; get into the mood to exploring the highs and lows of music and of gripping landscapes.

Discovering accessories are an excellent way to make your wireless music gadget truly mobile, get the real feel of music on the go. All you need is know where to pick the very accessory that will make your speaker persistent on all adventures.

Protective Covering


A good range of sturdy protective covers are available for outdoor speakers which typically lends ultra portability to the speaker just like the protective covers of our smartphones that shields it from good many drops and bumps. Usually part of the speaker brand, these gears are of durable material like rubber or tough-plastic; they reduce the impact of force on the speaker surface in case of rough falls. It basically provides for a shell that shields your speaker from direct bumps and knocks on its bare exterior.

Many speakers usually have proper add-ons from the manufacturers itself. So if you own a speaker that you want to protect from all the hard bumps that it will probably suffer when on your adventures, the first option certainly is to check their official website. Next option, go straight to a major online retailer, the likes of Amazon and search for portable speaker accessories.

Carry case


Travel bags and waterproof cases are handy accessories that hold your portable speaker, so you can tag it along with ease when on long trips. If you travel a lot, you sure would fancy a convenient carry-case that will not only protect it from rough bumps or scratches but direct sunlight or rain as well. Typically made of rather cushy or silky and thin synthetic material, carry-cases will protect your speaker from dust and rain all along your journey.

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A Bluetooth speaker travels to almost any place you love, so cosset it with a good case before you choose to toss it in your car or your backpack. Because you bet the speaker is one treasured fun-gadget when you get out there in the open.


strapThe speakers that come along with straps like Braven BRV-X make a handy music gadget for outdoor sports especially riding bike or motorcycles. If you are out a lot on the rough road as well, straps are very practical accessories that are useful to attach your robust portable speakers to your automobile.

Strap your rugged speaker to your mountain bike or perhaps a dirt bike and holler off.

Suction Cup



Yet another practical accessory that facilitates us with versatility and ease of use, a suction cup will help you mount your mini speaker on any plain and smooth wall; the likes of tiled bathroom walls in particular. A suction cup is a plug and carry accessory that makes it so much more versatile to mount the speaker anywhere as long as you find a solid-smooth surface. Be it shiny smooth or glassy, the suction cup is the one accessory that will keep your Bluetooth speaker in place as you battle through rough roads. You can hum to your favorite tune as you drive or set your spaker up easy inside your tent while camping; just keep your ideas running with all the superb music on your playlist.

Imagine a bumpy ride on your truck. While you would normally struggle to keep your rather wobbly mini speakers from tumbling off the dashboard, a speaker with a suction cup is the perfect resort to keep the speaker in place so that you enjoy the thundering beat of your favorite playlist. And, of course, bathroom singing is way more fun with your shower speaker well secured high up on the wall through a suction cup. The new Crazzie Captain 6 that comes with a suction cup sure is crazy fun.

Charging Docks and Cables



The last thing you want while on a picnic is your speaker running out of battery. But with Bluetooth speakers equipped with handy charging cables or perhaps an extra charging dock, you can be well assured you get to have your speaker charged adequately. Be it on the road or at the picnic spot, via cables, you get to plug it into any of your power banks.

Well you never have to tone down on your music volume when out there!

Tag your charging accessories along, you will inevitably have your speakers charging full to the brim. Leave it blinking with a generous green light that could perhaps be a backup battery for your other mobile devices later; a number of portable speakers work as a power bank for other smaller devices.

A Boost For Your Speaker

From taking your Bluetooth speakers on the rough road to the wildest of all adventures, and from taking it on beach-fun to all sorts of water-sports, you may master your mobile music world with any or all of these fun accessories. Pimp up your speakers to give it an ultimate go with the perfect accessory or accessories.

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