Sleek Aluminum LUXA2 Groovy Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker


Retro classy—the first thing that will strike your mind when you see this speaker! The LUXA2 Groovy Bluetooth speaker is solidly built with an aluminum body and a genuine leather strap. I won’t be surprised if I see this speaker in a picture beside my gramps in his younger days—the kind that makes you go “oh, there sure were cool stuff in your days too!” The sleek and solid body with a firm stand is accompanied by long lasting battery life. Thankfully, this suave speaker is available in the market today, with all modern features included.

Price: $89.00

Sale: $48.29

You Save: $40.71 (46%)

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What’s so Amazing & Unique about This Wireless Speaker?

Extended Battery Life

This Bluetooth speaker runs with Lithium-Ion polymer rechargeable battery with the capacity of 1800mAh. So, you need not worry about the battery, it will comfortably allow you to listen to your favorite music for about 11 to 12 hours without any trouble. Recharging will hardly take three and half hours by using the micro USB cable when it’s fully down. You can also recharge via laptop if there are no other charging options available to you.

Matchless Compatibility 

Being a Bluetooth speaker, connectivity is wireless. You can easily connect and pair with any Bluetooth enabled devices such as your smartphone, iPod, tablet, and laptop from a distance of 10 meters away from the speaker without losing the signal.

Moreover, this speaker is also compatible with non-Bluetooth devices and gadgets with the support of an AUX cable, included with the package. Therefore, this speaker is absolutely compatible for both Bluetooth and wired connectivity. This gives you the freedom to use it anywhere.

Speakerphone Capabilities 

With the support of the in-built microphone and speakerphone, this speaker is not only used for listening to your favorite tracks but you will also experience the pleasure of attending phone calls from your friends and other important conference call as well.

Brilliant LED Indicator

The speaker is equipped with an LED indicator. When you try to pair or connect with other compatible devices it will indicate in red and blue flashings.

When the battery is in charging mode it will indicate in red color. This feature is not available in most Bluetooth speakers that are available in the market.LUXA2_Speaker

Great Design & Shape

This speaker is fully constructed with an aluminum body for premium look. It has a rectangular shape with a solid base. This gives you the comfort and ease of placing the speaker anywhere at your convenience. The control buttons are located at the top. There is a handle with genuine leather strap that comes in brown and black color. The handle straps are interchangeable to match your choice. This makes it very easy and handy to carry the speaker wherever you go.

Some Factors You May Not Like About This Mini Speaker  

  • For some users the low battery warning beep sound is annoying. When you have low battery, it will continue to beep till you switch off the system; the beep sound could be distracting.
  • Some are not very happy with the pairing facilities. You cannot pair the speaker with more than one compatible device at the same time. But this issue is not unique to just this speaker, most Bluetooth speakers that are available in the market have the same issue.
  • For some, the price of this speaker seems to be a little high. Personally, I feel that when you look at the benefits and features, it’s worth investing and does not sit on the overtly pricey side of the fence.

Other Specifications About LUXA2 Groovy Bluetooth Speakers

  • The dimension of this speaker in terms of Height is 3 inches, Length is 7.3 inches and Width is 2.1 inches.
  • This wireless stereo speaker weights about 1.2 pounds i.e. 556g
  • This speaker is available in Silver color with brown and black handle strap.
  • The package includes carrying pouch, micro USB cable and AUX cable.

What Is It About This Speaker That Impressed Me the Most?

I love listening to music for long hours, especially when I am free. Therefore, whenever I want to buy an audio speaker, I usually check the battery life. The LUXA2 Groovy with NFC Bluetooth Speaker has a long battery backup and this is the area that impressed me the most. With this speaker, I neither have to charge everyday nor worry about the battery running out.

The other attracting point of this speaker is the sound quality. The dual 2.5w driver delivers amazing and thundering sound with absolute clarity even at high volume, no distortions at all. I was surprised to hear such powerful sound when I played a track with this speaker for the first time.

If you are looking for something that would last long with high quality sound and easy & quick pairing, I would recommend you to check out LUXA2 Groovy Bluetooth Speaker. See if it’s the kind of speaker you are searching for. For me, this sure is a beauty without any compromises on quality and features.

Price: $89.00

Sale: $48.29

You Save: $40.71 (46%)

Amazon Discount Link Here


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