Best Mini Speakers in 2017

Small is beautiful for many things, another reason why the market is pouring with mini Bluetooth speakers. Mostly, these tiny speakers are no bigger than a medium sized egg or even smaller. They look cute, no doubt. But it is worth buying these tiny pocket sized speakers to enjoy good sound quality is what worries many buyers.

Well, if your expectation is realistic, these ultra small Bluetooth speakers are quite efficient and loud for its size. A typical mini Bluetooth speaker output wattage is 3W, loud enough for a tiny speaker. A 3 Watt sound driver speaker would be comparable to the loudness of a 22” TV.

These speakers are good looking in almost any shape and design, clearly its size plays a role for the good looks. They are not just cute and loud, some features of these pocket sized speakers are very innovative such as the selfie feature that allows the speaker to be used as a timer button to take pictures from your Smartphone. Some speakers attached key-ring; they are your new smart key-chain holder.

At the same time I won’t jump to conclusion because it looks cute and smart, you need to fully understand your requirements and set a standard while choosing your best mini Bluetooth speaker. For your convenience we have done that, you may counter-check with your own.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker

  • Ensure that your speaker has at least 3W sound driver for clear and loud sound quality.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 should be the minimum benchmark, as older versions of Bluetooth consume more power from the battery and offer less connectivity range. Owing to its small size, fitting in a battery with decent capacity is always a challenge.
  • Make sure they are sturdily built. The smaller the size, the more things are prone to accidental dropping. Silicone casing is a good option if you like rubber looks.
  • Lookout for good warranty/guarantee. Depending on the manufacturer you get no question asked – 1 year/6 months warranty or 3 months money back guarantees, etc.
  • Built-in mic is a nice feature for hands free calls.
  • It should play continuous music for at least 3 hours. You don’t want a speaker that runs out of battery life in 30 minutes.
  • A mini Bluetooth speaker with FM radio is a nice option.
  • Micro SD TF slot is also something you should lookout for especially if you have a large collections of songs.

Keeping in mind these requirements, we have handpicked and tested out a handful of ultra portable Bluetooth speakers which we think are the best in the category.