The 3 Best NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Speakers Under $30; NFC Vs Bluetooth

DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth


For the price, this Doss Touch NFC enabled Bluetooth speaker is hard to beat. You’re getting a 12 watt stereo loudspeaker for a little over $30. That is seriously cheap, and the reason why it was included in the list. The speaker offers 360 degree stereo sound and deep bass, it sounds good from any angle. The loudness and quality of the sound is comparable to those portable speakers that cost 3 times the price of DOSS Touch. 

The metallic design of the speaker is sleek, elegant and expensive looking. The sensitive touch buttons is an added advantage for smooth and easy controlling. You won’t find much flaw with its design. 

DOSS Touch is equipped with both NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Battery life is decent, it can play continuously for 12 hours at 70% volume. Using Micro SD you can upgrade or update speaker’s firmware. This feature is rare among portable bluetooth speakers. This speaker is highly recommended for its value for money. 

Anker SoundCore NFC Bluetooth Speaker


Anker is another well known brand for manufacturing cheap wireless Bluetooth speaker without compromising on quality. This speaker is NFC-enabled with Bluetooth 4.0 technology for fast streaming, sharing and pairing.

The sound quality is very decent for its size with two 3 watt sound driver. It’s loud enough for standard sized room listening or for a group of friends outdoor. The total harmonic distortion is less than 1%, the reason why this speaker manages to sound great even at maximum volume. 

The battery life is pretty impressive with 24 hours / 500 songs playtime at 70% volume. You’d realised that there are very few portable Bluetooth speakers that can offer such playtime. Backed by 18 months warranty Anker SoundCore is a safe bet. 

ZOEE S1 Outdoor Portable 


This speaker has two 3 watt sound driver like Anker’s SoundCore that boast of HD sound quality. In fact, this speaker is comparable in every feature and design with SoundCare except that the speaker’s playtime is 6 hours at 70% volume compared to 24 hours playtime of SoundCare. And of course, ZOEE S1 is $8 cheaper than SoundCare. If you are happy with the battery runtime, pick this speaker for the cheaper price tag.

Bluetooth Vs NFC

Ever thought about the differences between NFC and Bluetooth Technology? Or, at any time, does it confuse you when you come across articles or gadgets that mention NFC and Bluetooth? In simplest form, NFC and Bluetooth are wireless technology to pair or connect two devices, which when connected are capable of sharing or transmitting files or information between those two devices. Here is a detailed explanation to clear all your doubts regarding Bluetooth and NFC technology. Firstly, to make things easier and for your better understanding, let’s break down NCF and Bluetooth technology separately.

Click here for comparison table between NFC and Bluetooth.

The Ever Popular Bluetooth Technology


Bluetooth technology has been there for a while now. We are mostly familiar with this technology as most modern gadgets such as smartphones, speakers, laptops, tablets, etc. have Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is a modern technology that enables pairing or connection between Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly.

This technology is mainly used for exchanging or sending data, files, etc. over short distance by using short-wavelength radio waves. The signal in Bluetooth technology is feeble such that it cannot connect devices at long range. Almost all devices that have Bluetooth devices these days have connectivity range of 10 meters/ 33 feet. Bluetooth technology is commonly used for sending or transferring files or data such as pictures, videos, documents, MP3 files, etc.

One good thing about Bluetooth technology is that it is functional everywhere and anytime as long as you have power source. This means that you will be able to use Bluetooth even if you don’t get network.

  • Bluetooth is a wireless technology that connects with every Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • This technology is used for sharing or transferring files/data.
  • Generally, it can connect devices at a distance range of 33 feet (some fixed or wired Bluetooth devices may cover more distance).
  • It transfers data at the rate of 1-3Mbits/second.
  • One Bluetooth device can connect with a maximum of 7 devices for communication (not all devices may get this privilege).
  • Mostly found in every modern electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, iPad, speakers, gaming equipments, etc.

How does NFC Differ from Bluetooth?

Often, some of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers featured NFC along with Bluetooth. NFC is also another wireless technology that enable two devices to share or transfer data. Near Field Communication is the full form of NFC, and as the name suggest, it can only connect devices at close range. By close range, I mean, the two devices have to be as close as 10 cm or 3.9 inches. In this area, Bluetooth technology is more promising as it allows connection of up to 33 feet or even more. The communication frequency of NFC is 13.56 MHz and transfer data at the rate of 424 kbit/second as compared to 2.04 GHz and 1-3 Mbit/second of Bluetooth respectively.

NFC is the simplified wireless technology mostly preferable for quick small data transfer. Setting up NFC connection between the devices is much easier and faster than Bluetooth. When two devices are kept at close proximity, It automatically gets connected at a time frame of 6 seconds. Another clear advantage of NFC is that both devices need not be powered because this technology is capable of communicating with non powered NFC chips. With this unique feature, NFC can be used for making payments through your phone, gather information just by scanning any NFC chips, etc. This feature will make NFC a great technology in the coming years.

  • NFC is also a wireless technology that pairs two devices for communication and data sharing.
  • Covers a short distance of only 10 cm.
  • One NFC device can connect with only one device at a time.
  • Transfer date at the rate of 424 kbit/second.
  • An NFC device with power can pair or communicate with non-powered NFC chips.
  • This technology can be used for purposes like making payment, gathering information, etc.

Which one is Better?

Bluetooth and NFC technology are both wireless technology that allows devices to communicate and share transfer between them. Now, a question may arise as to which one is better? Personally, I feel this question is not that necessary, given that they function in different ways. Both have their unique features and distinct benefits and advantages. For everyday use (transferring/sharing files, data, etc.), Bluetooth technology seems to be more reliable as most of the modern gadgets have it. You may rely on NFC technology for sending small files such as picture or links. It pairs automatically and is very quick. In terms of future prospect, NFC technology is more promising of its ability to read or scan NFC chips, which will enable us to make payments through our phone, gather information just by scanning devices, etc. Both are brilliant technology that we can rely on from time to time.

I recently bought Braven Brv-X which in my opinion is the best waterproof bluetooth speaker, it has both NFC and Bluetooth technology. Although, both are short-range communication technologies they can serve different purposes. And despite the fact that NFC is more popular with Smartphones and Tablets it is now becoming more available with portable speakers including bluetooth shower speakers.

What does Bluetooth & NFC Tags on Bluetooth Speakers Mean?

Most wireless speakers that we find today operate through Bluetooth technology. While buying Bluetooth speakers, you may also find  models that have both Bluetooth and NFC technology. If your wireless speaker has both technology, well and good! With Bluetooth technology, you can connect with Bluetooth enabled devices and use NFC for NFC enabled devices.

Speaking in terms of wireless speaker, Bluetooth technology stands on the brighter side because of the fact that it can cover longer distance when compared to NFC. Most of the Bluetooth speakers can cover distance of 33 feet while NFC has a very short range connectivity of 4 cm. This means that your device and the speaker should be kept very close if you connect using NFC technology. A speaker that offers both technologies are preferable as it will increase the chance of connecting with many devices.

Click here for comparison table between NFC and Bluetooth.

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  1. Under “How does NFC Differ from Bluetooth?” the fifth sentence reads: “The communication frequency of NFC is 13.56 MHz and transfer data at the rate of 424 Mbits/second”

    It should be Kbits/second, otherwise it would be insanely faster than bluetooth, which is what confused me.

    1. Hey Gabrial! Thanks for pointing out. It is kbit/s and not Mbit/s in regards to Bluetooth 3.0 and the lower versions. Theoretically we now have Bluetooth 4.0 with maximum data throughput of 26Mbps :). Cheers!

  2. You forgot to point out/mention that: NFC is used ONLY for pairing devices, then it switches to Bluetooth for data transfer!

  3. I have wireless headphones with NFC capability, but what is the point of the NFC if I have to continuously hold the source device within a few cm of the headphones? or does this short distance only need to be maintained while initializing?

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