The Rugged Photive HYDRA Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Photive HYDRA wireless Bluetooth speaker is one item that you should not overlook for its brand and cheap price. It maintains high quality both in material and in workmanship, and maintains a high standard among best selling waterproof Bluetooth speakers. The quality of sound is no less than other high-end Bluetooth speakers.

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Best Features of Photive HYDRA Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • IP66 rated for strong seawater and string jet waterproof and dustproof.
  • Passive subwoofer and two 40mm drivers with total sound output of 7 watt.
  • Shockproof with rugged rubberized exterior.
  • Uses 4.0 version of Bluetooth for minimum consumption of power and clear sound.
  • Long lasting Lithium-ion battery that last 8 hours at a go.

It is amazing to have features like IP66, which is dustproof and waterproof, for a speaker that costs less thang $40 when some other high-end speakers don’t even have it. Regardless of whether you play music at the beach or in any dusty place, your gadget is free from dust. Water is the main worry for most of us because once gadgets fall into water, it is spoiled, but this speaker is always safe because it’s waterproof.

With the passive subwoofer, the bass is decent with overall good sound quality. Photive Hydra features a total sound output of 7 watts audio drivers which is loud enough to fill your living room with music. The sound is quite good even at max volume without much distortion unlike other portable speakers. 

This little guy is rubberized at the exterior and therefore, it is safe even if it drops to the ground from a three to four foot high wall. The rugged exterior gives you a firm grip and so, there are less chances of the speaker slipping out of your hand.

The latest version of Bluetooth, 4.0, not only consumes less power but also gives better sound to the listeners. Photive HYDRA speaker is small but compact and gives out good quality sound. It is amazing that we get such wonderful sounds from a small device. The louder you play the better is the bass, unlike most speakers that become indistinct when it gets louder.

This speaker comes with a lithium-ion battery that can last up to eight hours of non-stop music once it is fully charged. Even if you listen for two hours of music every day, it will last for four days at a stretch. Therefore, you really don’t need to carry a charger with you in your weekend outing because if you intend to enjoy other things apart from listening to music. However, it is very comfortable to carry a charger with you should you need it.

Photive Hydra Speaker is a Wonderful Music Companion

I recently bought Photive HYDRA Bluetooth speaker for listening to music whenever I go camping outdoors. I usually spend most of my weekends at the beach and on the mountains, and so, I felt that I need to own one good Bluetooth speaker. When I did online research on Bluetooth speakers, I came across many costly speakers with the same features as Photive Hydra speaker. I decided to choose this product because not only is the price reasonable, but the features are simply amazing like most high-end Bluetooth speakers are. I am very pleased with this speaker because it is small and compact and therefore, I can easily slip it in my bag. Surprisingly, this little guy is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof with IP66 for a speaker that cost just about $40.

Though you can submerge this speaker in the water for a few seconds, you cannot continuously submerge this speaker in water unlike IP68 speakers. However, there is no risk in playing music in the rain because drizzles cannot penetrate into the speaker. From the day I bought this speaker, I use it in my bathroom and play the music of my choice while taking a shower. I generally keep changing songs with my hands wet without any harm to the speaker.

Whether it rains or shines, whether you are on the mountains or at the sea beach, you really don’t have to worry because it is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. Once, it slipped out of my hand when one of my friends playfully tried to snatch it from me…we thought it would split into pieces, but surprisingly, this little guy was still rocking with Bryan Adam’s Cloud Number 9 on the ground.

On the top portion of this device, there are buttons with a sign for Backward, Forward, Play, and Pause. Simply press any of those buttons when required and it works like magic. There is no confusion in using this device.

When you want to pair it with your phone, you simply open your phone’s Bluetooth and it will display Photive Hydra on your screen and the moment you select it, the music begins. You can control either from your phone or from the speaker through its buttons. It has the capacity to play wirelessly within a range of 30 feet. You can stream music straight from your favorite apps or radio station.

Areas of Improvements

The charging slot is not very firm and so you have to plug or unplug carefully as it might break. There is no attachment or handle to carry the speaker around, so you always have to hold it unless you place it in a firm place.

Photive Hydra Bluetooth Speaker is one of Best in its Class

Photive HYDRA water resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker is cheap not because the quality is inferior compared with others. From my experience, it has a good quality sound like most other pricey speakers without breaking your bank account.

SEE IT ON AMAZON                      Price: $35.00 (56% off MSRP)

This speaker is Ingress Protection (IP) 66 rated for waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. It is sturdily built, and the battery life is good. I’d say this speaker is a decent choice for most of our indoor and outdoor activities where we need good music.


Details of the Features

Bluetooth version 4.0
Bluetooth range  30 feet without obstructions
Weight 227g
Dimension 15.2cm X 3.8cmX5.1cm
Water resistant Yes
Waterproof Yes, from strong seawater and spring water jets but not emersion
IP rating IP66
Shock Proof Yes
Dust Proof Yes
Battery type Lithium Ion
Battery life 08 hours at a stretch
Connectivity Micro USB and Aux port for non- Bluetooth devices
Built-in microphone Yes, for hands free calls

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  1. Absolutely, I would recommend the photive HYDRA Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for the following reasons:
    – excellent quality of sound,
    – easy to pair, and excellent price,
    – long lasting battery,
    You will be very pleasantly surprised awesome product.

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