Latest Portable Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers – Highly Recommended

Lately, Wi-Fi enabled portable Bluetooth speaker seems to be the topic of discussion over the internet for portable Bluetooth speaker buyers or music lovers as a whole. Quick analysis on the present market suggest that majority of the people who are buying portable speakers opted for speaker models that offer Wi-Fi Connectivity. They seem to have found the better way to listen music in it.

This left us wondering- What is Wi-Fi in Bluetooth speaker or more importantly what are the benefits it gives, that people are opting for models that have Wi-Fi feature?

Simply put, Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that allows you to send or receive file/data by connecting to your home network or internet. In Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi feature is used to let you stream music directly from the internet. Once your Bluetooth speaker is connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can stream music directly from cloud based music apps or internet radio stations. Mini Bluetooth speakers with Wi-Fi is a little costlier compared to other ordinary models. But, cashing in a few extra dollars will give you much more options to play any music anytime anywhere.

The following are the main advantages/benefits of buying a portable Bluetooth speaker with Wi-Fi feature-

  • Streaming music over Wi-Fi delivers crystal clear music. High resolution audio sound can be achieved by playing music over Wi-Fi.
  • Stream  unlimited songs from cloud storage musical apps such as AirPlay, Pandora, iTunes, Google Cast, Spotify, Google Play, etc. and also listen to internet radio.
  • Wi-Fi enabled portable Bluetooth speakers can support pairing of multiple speakers by making use of a simple app. This feature allows you to achieve multi-room listening.
  • The connectivity range of Wi-Fi is much larger than that of Bluetooth connection.

Recommendable Wi-Fi Portable Bluetooth Speakers – First Quarter 2017

Out of the many Wi-Fi enabled Bluetooth speakers available at the present market, we picked the following models after taking into consideration the sound quality, features they offer and built quality.

1. Sony SRS-HG1 H.Ear Go High-Res Audio Speaker


This premium model from the trusted brand Sony is a recommendable Wi-Fi enabled Bluetooth speaker model for many positive points. Firstly, the speaker is excellent in audio sound quality. It is one of the few portable Bluetooth speakers that provide High Resolution Audio.  The Extra Bass button allows you to adjust the bass level depending on the kind of music that you play. In a compact and portable size, Sony has presented a high quality speaker to listen music in the best possible way. This is the model if you are seeking the best sounding speaker at a portable size.

Other notable features of this speaker are- speakerphone facility, 12 hours music play time, multi room listening and wide option for playing music over Wi-Fi network.

2. Amazon Tap Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The Amazon Tap is not just an ordinary speaker; it can do many other unbelievable things. With Amazon Tap, all you need to do is just tap and ask, and it will be done for you.

The speaker will not disappoint you if you use it for music listening or other related purposes. Dolby Digital Processor and A2DP support delivers high quality audio sound. Moreover, the speaker is designed to produce 360 degree surround sound to fill any room with loud music. Stream music directly from your musical devices through Bluetooth connection, or connect the speaker to Alexa App over Wi-Fi and stream unlimited internet music from cloud storage. It features a powerful 9 hour backup battery.

When connected to Alexa App over Wi-Fi network, the speaker can do the following-

  • Update news, read audio books, give you weather report, order pizza, request a ride, control smart appliances, check sports scores and fixtures, set alarm, and much more.

3. Libratone ZIPP Multi Room Wireless Speaker


The Libratone ZIPP is one of a kind portable wireless speaker that scores big in various aspects. The speaker is big in size, so does it is big in sound. If you are looking for loud sounding speaker to use in party, outdoor entertainment, outdoor sports, etc. no other model comes close to the Libratone ZIPP in audio power output and features. At a portable size, the speaker can punch out a total of 100 Watt 360 degree surround sound. Moreover, through Libratone App, you can pair up to 6 Libratone speakers for immersive sound or to gain multi room listening. The speaker is powered by powerful battery that provides up to 10 hours of music playtime.

The speaker will give you lots of option to play music. You can stream music over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, Spotify, DLNA, internet radio, and any musical apps. For its sound quality and great features, the speaker is a recommendable portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker.

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