Puridea i2 Speaker – Riding will Never be the Same Again


It’s quite interesting watching how Bluetooth speaker manufacturers are competing and wooing customers with their newly added features and promising outlook. The competition is getting tough, with many new manufacturers trying their best to compete with big names at the current market such as JBL, Sony, Bose, UE, etc. As a result, modern day portable Bluetooth speakers are getting better and smarter, which is also good news for Bluetooth speaker fans around the world.

We, the ThunderingSound Team are a gadget freak, and out of pure passion and interest, we follow portable Bluetooth speakers with selfless enthusiasm. We love what we do-reviewing latest products, pointing out the goods and the bads, and giving unbiased explanations as per our findings; thereby meeting our priority of helping buyers choose the right product.

We have reviewed a good number of Bluetooth speaker models and there are many great choices out there. While buying Bluetooth speaker, we always advised buyers to know their needs first and make their choice. If you need help on how to find your right types of speaker, do read our Guide for Buying Bluetooth Speaker.

Our deep research and analysis shows that most of the Bluetooth speakers at the present market are similar; with little differences in design and feature. And so, recently we were in the hunt for a rather unique portable Bluetooth speaker model that can serve as a multi-purpose speaker as well as fit with different lifestyles. Our catch is the Puridea i2 Multi-Purpose Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker. We are not saying it is the best, but we decided on this model for our own reasons which will be discussed below.

Puridea i2 Bluetooth Speaker- First Impression

Out of the many great speakers we have reviewed, the Puridea i2 speaker from the emerging brand PURIDEA is certainly one of a kind speaker model. The speaker is unique, in the sense that it can be used as a multi-purpose gadget. It can serve as a home speaker, outdoor speaker, shower speaker, bike speaker, flashlight, power bank, SIRI, speaker phone all in one compact and portable design. This is the reason why the Puridea i2 speaker scores big when compared to other similar models. On a time when competitions are high and when buyers are looking for more add-on features, Puridea managed to fill many useful features on this compact design.

The dimension of the speaker is just 152 x 48 x 48 mm (L x B x W) weighting 328 gram. It is designed in a rectangular box shape with round edges and the whole body is made of genuine quality rubberized material to support maximum durability. In one end lies the flashlight with USB port, charging port and 3.5mm AUX-IN port while on the opposite end you will find the speaker firing out directly and sideways. The microphone for speaker phone facility is placed at the top side along with handy control buttons. With the first look, we were impressed, and as we explore its features turn by turn with great enthusiasm, we were left completely amazed.

Why We Choose Puridea i2

  • Compact Design, Yet Big SoundWe understand that ‘sound’ is a major concern for music lovers or speaker buyers. The speaker is small and so neither were we expecting big sound. But the speaker can go loud enough with balanced high, mid and low. We were not expecting such clarity and loudness from such a small speaker.
  • 8000mAh Power BankWhile the speaker can provide good enough playtime of up to 10 hours non stop music, it has a surprise package of 8000mAh external power bank. This feature is a true bonus for those who venture outdoors a lot. The speaker has an attached charger wrapped around its body, or you can plug in another USB cable and charge 2 devices simultaneously.
  • Bright LED LightAgain, the speaker supports a dual LED light that can turn out to be a life-saving feature especially when you venture outdoors. It will be very helpful when camping, hiking, etc. Even bikers can trace their routes using the light during emergency.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and SIRI ConnectionPairing is fast with no password required and connection is secure and stable. Owners of Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod can connect to SIRI directly.
  • Bike Mount IncludedThe bike mount can grip the speaker firmly and so there is no chance of falling when bike riding. Also the speaker is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. Though this is not like our all time favourite waterproof speaker (Braven Brv-X), it has an IPX 4 rating and quite safe against water splash. There is a weather protection cover attached in the bike mount to cover the opening ports. This will make the speaker waterproof.


Our Verdict

With features such as flashlight, powerbank, speakerphone, waterproof design, robust built-up, etc. we conclude that the speaker is made for outdoor fun and adventure. It will be a perfect choice for bikers. Having said that, the speaker can be used for many other music listening purposes indoors too; excluding party or other big occasions.

While reviewing this speaker, we were also looking for other similar speakers and comparing with them. And we would like to mention one particular speaker here because it offers one important feature which the Puridea i2 speaker does not. The ZEALOT S1 Waterproof Portable Speaker has a micro SD card slot that gives you option of playing music directly by slotting in a memory card, without the need of pairing your phone to play music. But again, the Puridea i2 is superior in all other departments and so takes our vote.

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