Some Paradoxes Rooted in Bose’ Commercial Strategy


The US based company Bose has come a long way and if there is one big lesson learnt we believe it is business strategies. Being an audio expert brand, selling innovative next-generation products was not way out of line. That is probably when ad agencies hopped in. Over the years, Bose has sailed up the commercial path and its name became brilliantly lit in every urban setting. Part of the reason how they surged through well ahead of other relatively unknown brands is their marketing strategy, particularly advertising techniques. I still question myself often, should I like business strategies or not? Well, I haven’t made up my mind but that doesn’t mean it bothers me any less.

Bose is SO Over-rated!

Have you ever wondered why is it that there is so much advertisement for Bose and almost none for most other genuinely good audio brands? Is it possible that Bose has mediocre products that need to be glorified and made to be embraced using ads? Given this fact, a once ardent Bose fan like me cannot help but think that half of the money I spend at one time on Bose speakers must have been wasted on ad stewards.

What Bose Aficionados Think About Their Bose Speakers:

  • Bose is apparently one of the major brands that have been recognized worldwide, rightly so. And that people have a certain respect for Bose and always feel the need to compare with the brand.

This may be one of the half truths the brand made them believe. If they gain respect for anything at all, it is for the money they command and the huge marketing business they have managed to make out of their mediocre speakers in terms of audio quality. If we will only explore beyond, there are better speaker brands than Bose to be found out there. And if you are fair indeed, some brands would probably be far superior.

  • Bose has the technology that defies the physics, way out of the ordinary.

Yes, they may, no one can say they don’t but none of its technology comes strong in their speaker cubes, perhaps. Well Brands like Infinity, B&O, B&W, PSB, Energy and Mirage do not make garbage for a more reasonable pricing, and yet produce good to great audio depending on the range of speakers they fall in. Perhaps these brands give their best and Bose does not or perhaps Bose is just not willing enough to give their all. If this is the case why raise the price way out of whack?

  • Bose comes reasonably better built and give best attention to the very detail of its speaker’s assembling using paper cones and foam, surrounds voice coils or magnets and such durable material instead of plastic cones which therefore deserve to ace in pricing too.

There are tougher and better built speakers than Bose in the market too. Well hold it right there, let’s get this straight… our discourse is based on factor… “Fidelity” i.e. the sound quality… isn’t that the core matter? And who cares about the menus and the remote etc, etc…it’s a sound system, it has to sound good!

  • Well, some claim Bose products are unbeatable and that their acoustical systems are made for small apartments with limited space like those in big cities. Bose, the elite choice?

Anyone who thinks only Bose makes speakers for small rooms hasn’t looked around. There are a range of speakers that are small, sound excellent and less pricey than Bose. The truth is that Bose has only overfed people with heaps of their advertisement, taking the most space on all media platforms.

It is obviously very effective. Those that have very little knowledge about speakers have heard the name Bose so often in every type of media that the name association sinks into their head. They think, “I hear the name so much it must be the best.”

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Deaf & Misinformed

Bose is a very well run company…albeit a company with a mission that evidently focuses on a market other than audiophiles. Through its product design and marketing, it applies to the relatively large market of affluent consumers who either choose to not learn about other alternatives or who just want a one vendor system that plugs into the wall without much further effort. And that market is large.

To top that, Bose admittedly has a consistently high quality of customer service. It is certainly a fairly good opinion on the part of few knowledgeable customers that Bose may not be selling the highest sound quality product on the market, but they are selling a package of design and service which is important to a significant percentage of the market. And that is perhaps why the brand went ahead with so much popularity. Good for those who understand these commercial dealings, quite a number of the customers remain hoodwinked in the idea that Bose is top of the elite speaker brands and hence its lofty price is justified.

How long will Bose be allowed to fabricate a company of products based on these persuasive misconceptions?

Think of churches that have spent large sums of money on Bo$e speakers and have terrible sounding systems because of it.

Well, if it is a sound system we are talking about, we better trust our ears. But if we trust the market flow like the company wants us to, we will inevitably be misled. We cannot expect deaf or deafened ears to make the right pick for this one. And ironical as it is, a good number of Bose consumers still stick to just Bose, no countercheck or compare. Give reason a chance; don’t always give in to what they want you to believe. Spend prudently, shop safe.


I have no problem with advertising within our great free enterprise system. What I object to is the business model of Bose with the high percentage of their manufacturing budget that is put into advertising as a ratio to their expenditures into product build and sound quality. We have no problem with advertising, but we choose to buy speakers that put a much larger percentage of the actual cost into the product.

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