The Top Three Rated Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Competitions are around the corners, new models of Bluetooth speaker are introduced every year to meet the satisfaction and demands of the people.

But these Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are not mere speakers, they are highly reliable and durable as well.

The speakers listed below are top rated, high in performance, and greatly in demand across markets.

  • The Ecoxgear ECOXBT Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker measures about 4inches x 9inches x 28inches in Height, Width and Depth with a mere weight of about 1.5 pounds. It comes with an easy grip handle on both sides making it very handy to carry. This speaker is available in three different colors: red, black, and orange.

The ECOXBT Bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof. Even if it’s immersed in 3 feet deep water, it will still work because its IPX7 rated and certified. It will also float in water without sinking. This speaker is uniquely designed for use during any weather condition or seasons of the year. You can even use it as a shower speaker

You will enjoy continuous music for about 10 hours since it has the capacity for 1800 mAh rechargeable battery built in the system.

Connecting and pairing with other Bluetooth compatible devices are quite easy and quick. It will effectively connect and pair from a distance of 30 feet away from the speaker.

  • The Altec Lansing Life Jacket Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

The dimensions of this bluetooth speaker are 3.125inches x 7.5inches x 2.825inches and this would weigh about 2.0 pounds only.

It has a very powerful dual audio driver with an additional bass radiator that helps in delivering great and wonderful sound without distortion.

There’s an in-built microphone and speakerphone which gives you the flexibility to attend any phone calls or make conference calls using this sound system.

Altec Lansing iMW575 Life Jacket Bluetooth Speaker is IP 67 certified therefore, it’s sand & dust proof, shock proof, and water &snow proof. Enjoy the freedom of carrying this speaker with you wherever you go.

The battery would last for about sixteen hours on an average if you play with mid volume.

If you wanted to know more about this speaker, click the link

  • The Braven BRV- X Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

The size of the Braven BRV-X portable speaker measures about 9.06inches x 3.63inches x 2.94 inches and it weighs about 1.5 pounds.

This speaker is constructed with a high impact plastic material along with the rubber exterior molding; this makes the speaker shockproof and durable. The rugged design of this speaker adds value to its appearance.

With this speaker you will be able to listen to your favorite music for about 12 hours without facing any problem with the battery. The rechargeable battery is built with the capacity for 5200 mAh.

This Bluetooth speaker is certified and rated with IPX7, which means the speaker is completely protected from any liquid items such as water and snow. Therefore, you are free to use anywhere without any trouble.

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