Why TMVEL Aquamasti Earned Special Recommendation From Us

Tmvel Aquamasti

With the recent surge of portable Bluetooth speakers, a whole new trend of wireless audio technology has dawned. What was once owned by just a privileged few and held as a novelty product has passed into near-ubiquitous aspect of the music-listening world. And what’s more of a dramatic evolution, speaker docks are being replaced by a legion of wireless devices, a transformation that only gets increasingly quick in time.



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Such innovations are perhaps set to shape your music choices. With a wide range of wireless speaker models emerging in the market, here is a trend where customers pick the ones with guts, the ones that stand out for features. With an ocean of choices, the end-users like us tend to be very critical indeed. A portable speaker should preferably be tough, powerful and resilient in a good many ways.

Here’s A Portable Speaker That Emerges Up-front

To begin with, identifying one definite personal-favorite can be fairly daunting and that too to fit low budget. Yet I couldn’t care less if this speaker could be a personal choice for many of us because let me tell you honestly, it caught me completely unawares as well. Given its size; I cannot assure you this speaker will be a big catch at first sight, very few will realizes its worth until you start playing it. I knew the exceptionally top of the list features written and analyzed, over and over by my mates, and I already knew the convenient design the speaker supposedly sported, what I did not know was that it wore that effortlessly handy feel in reality; its real appeal.

Well, it was a wow moment the first time I saw it at my friend’s poolside-party. He had the beer-can shaped gutsy gadget in his hands and was certainly fumbling about it. I went up to him gaily and grabbed his beer in a playful way and woops, felt the rubber casing and, galump the speaker went to the ground with a thud. That was one quick impulse. I seriously thought it was a beer-can! (Oh of course the lights were dimmed for the party, you better not sympathize with my eyesight). Next I picked the speaker and clicked it on; the TMVEL Aquamasti Wireless Speaker explodes with the impressive boom of the music streaming in from his phone. Turns out my friend was fumbling about to plug in some mobile device because it was running out of battery. Only the first instant I experienced this awesome piece… anyways here’s more on the features that impresses me.

Tmvel Aquamasti Rugged speaker

Powerful Audio Quality

TMVEL has raised the roof of its audio driver to a whooping 10Watt. This is just one unbeatable feature for portable speakers of its size (5 x 4 x 3 inches), slightly bigger than a beer-can of course (Consider the given incident an honest mistake in the momentary party-humor and I was lucky enough it was not something fragile I was dealing with). For someone who has the audio-fix when it comes to speakers, the feature is a delightful one – a combination of a passive subwoofer and two 40mm audio drivers. Technicalities suggest superior sound quality than most emerging portable speakers, how cool is that!

Take the trendy Anker A7908 Bluetooth speaker, the UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker, Ecoxgear Eco Stone for example, or for that matter all the tough speakers like Braven BRV-X or Fugoo Tough; all have less powerful drivers. Perhaps these speakers do not concentrate on the power and balance of stereo sound. Aquamasti does have considerably higher watt power that gives it a surprisingly loud and balanced audio quality for its size.

Not simply because TMVEL has upgraded the power of audio output but Aquamasti was crafted with sound boost in the making. Finely textured as well as designed with audio driver and subwoofer placings on two sides, the sound output of this speaker is not just in one direction. It has a more rounded feel than most low-prized speakers that have its woofer placing only on one side. Though a little more on the edgier side, having your movie-audio amplified on the Aquamasti speaker would give a richer experience than most others.

Advanced Wireless Connectivity

Equipped with ultra optimized version of Bluetooth, the Aquamasti sets out to project a much higher definition sound than most speakers in its price range. TMVEL has an excellent competition set where none but Aquamasti must ace in terms of features. Where most speaker brands would not care to update their features, Aquamasti is seen featuring the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 version. It is particularly because of this advanced version that the speaker has considerably less power consumption. This Bluetooth version also ensures the streaming of superior sound quality at a seamlessly consistent streaming connection.

Technology-wise, it sure is well equipped. Needless to compare with other speakers in its price range, Aquamasti is set to make it in the current trend of wireless gadgetry.

Now you may say it does not come equipped with AptX but let me tell you, yes AptX is an innovative new compression scheme designed to smooth out the rougher tonal edges of Bluetooth connections, but basically not really a technology designed for music. And there seems to be another applied basic that the speaker sounds superior when associated with AptX. Well, how valid is that piece of knowledge I really don’t know.

Waterproof, Shockproof and Dustproof

Did it ever occur to you anytime that it seems quite senseless to raise the prize for added proof features? Well this is perhaps the ideal portable speaker that embraces your idea. Feature wise, the speaker is equipped with choicest technology so that waterproof or shockproof or dustproof features seem more like extra features that come free with it, only they come excellently bound. While certain brands prop their speakers up for the tough features that is supposed to come along for enhanced portability as in Aquamasti, TMVEL certainly strikes for quality even at minimal pricing.

The rubberized casing, IPX6 rating or the well-built shell would normally take the price shooting high but such is not the case with TMVEL. No one really knows their secret but got to admit it, Aquamasti is one that has the ultimate portability factor. Speakers like Braven BRV-X,  Fugoo Tough or Altec Lansing IMW575 come with impressive robustness like Aquamasti and yet they come round about thrice the pricing of TMVEL Aquamasti.


Given that our Aquamasti speaker is a definite waterproof speaker, couldn’t anyone be less delighted to have speakerphone feature. Handy especially when your hands are occupied or in case you have wet hands, so you cannot pick your call on phone, you can still receive calls by pressing the speaker control. TMVEL ensures that Aquamasti portable speaker avails you with one of the most practical features in modern lifestyle. If you are a lot on the road, you sure know how much it means to have speakerphone facility and perhaps a safer option than literally picking up your phone which is illegal anyway.

If you have noticed, most speakers from top brands like Bose or JBL do not feature speakerphones even at double its pricing. Beat that!

Grand Battery Capacitance That Can Be Power Banked

If it has got to be portable, it’s got to stay alive through all my adventures. TMVEL equips Aquamasti with a generous battery life that will not only give you a whole day of uninterrupted music on the go but will also charge up your phone or any smaller mobile device. With a whooping 5200mAh battery that can play up to 18 hours continuously on a single charge, the speaker is one ultimate set of portable speaker I would chose for my wildest and longest adventures.

Scores of miles down the road at midday and your speaker would still be thundering loud and clear, the battery life of Aquamasti is commendable. Perhaps not as huge a capacitance as Outdoor Tech OT4200 Big Turtle Shell or Fugoo Tough Battery life which extends upto 40 hours playtime but with other prime features toned down, Aquamasti occurs to be more speaker-worthy.


If you are critical like us and have rejected a long list of portable speakers that disappointed you for being short of certain features that you thought was essential in portability criteria for your speaker, you have righteously done so. And we are glad to present you, one of the most ideal speakers we have discovered and that too at the most affordable list from TMVEL. As far as portability and speaker ideal is concerned, we think the new Aquamasti is an incredible choice which thinks beyond just music.



You Save:$65.00 (54%)

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Tmvel Aquamasti waterproof speaker

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