When to Ditch Your Headphones for A Portable Bluetooth Speaker


We all have our love and hate for headphones, sometimes simultaneously. It’s either non-responding humans with headphones over their ears, or the occasional throbbing ear ache, or the endless tangle-magnet. With the introduction of Bluetooth speakers, our heavy reliance on headphones has considerably ebbed. Headphones completely shut you in from the world around you, and while that may be beneficial when in crowded places and while travelling, it in a way shuts you out too. While the merits and demerits of using a headphone may be relative and differ from to person, let’s see how it compares to Portable Bluetooth Speakers.

Solo vs Group Listening

One basic and core difference between a headphone and a portable Bluetooth speaker is the fact that headphones are designed for solo listening while Bluetooth speakers caters to both solo listening as well as bigger crowds. You can have music playing via a Bluetooth speaker at home or outdoors the same way you can use your headphones. But when you have a crowd gathering, kick the headphones out and bring the speaker in; it’s as simple as that and a solid way to keep the party going.

Rich Sound vs Loud Sound

No, no Bluetooth speaker will come close to the rich sound that a headphone delivers; at least not yet and this is why serious music lovers will invariably need to invest on a solid headphone. This is not to say that all headphones sound awesome, I have had my share of disastrous headphones that produces sound way below par. But to be fair, when we compare the best there is between a headphone and a Bluetooth speaker, the sound richness, depth, and consistence of a good headphone is way above Bluetooth speakers. That said, when you want something loud, a Bluetooth speaker should be able to fit all of those needs without a hitch.

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Why Speakers Over Headphones Then?

By now, we have determined that headphones deliver better sound than portable Bluetooth speakers. But if that’s the case, why is there a huge, ongoing hype for Bluetooth speakers? Well, because a portable Bluetooth speaker is an all-rounder. You do not have to baby your Bluetooth speaker because it is much more rugged and resistant against many natural elements such as water, rain, drops and falls, while you may easily mess up your headphone if you are not all that careful. Listed below are a few core features of a portable Bluetooth speaker:

  • Rugged

    Most portable Bluetooth speakers are built with toughness and ruggedness in mind. It is supposed to accompany you in your adventures comfortably.

  • Power Banked

    A few portable Bluetooth speakers also come with power bank features. When you are outdoors, constantly using your devices would mean battery draining out. Well, now, you can charge it without taking an additional power bank around because your portable Bluetooth speaker can act as one.

  • No Cables

    Under normal circumstances, you would typically need cables to connect your speaker and to keep t working. But since Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth as the medium to transfer data, you are relatively free of cables and wires while playing. All you need cables are for charging the speaker and if you want to use an AUX cable for devices that does not support Bluetooth.

  • Versatile

    Yes, portable Bluetooth speakers are versatile. You can use these speakers from any medium that has Bluetooth. This would include your home PC’s, home stereo, car speakers, phones, tablets, and iPods.

  • Take Loud Music Beyond your Yard

A Bluetooth speaker allows you to take your music beyond your yard with a boom. With easy controls, you are in control of your music.

Now that we know what to expect from a portable Bluetooth speaker, if your needs match with the offerings of a Bluetooth, it may be time to give those headphones and your ears a rest and go the Bluetooth way.

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