The Integration of Wi-Fi Connectivity in Portable Bluetooth Speaker – What are the Benefits?


Last few years have taught me how fast modern technologies have developed, and how those development have forced a changes in our lifestyles for the betterment. I’ve been following the incorporation of modern technologies on modern gadgets and I’m amazed to find that with each new production, something newer and more advanced are introduced. And that’s one thing I like about modern technologies. I like putting my hands on new gadgets, experimenting and playing with the new features it offers.

It is quite interesting learning how Bluetooth Speakers have evolved and developed over the last few years. When it was first introduced years back, the audio sound output was pathetic, the designs were poor and bulky, and it lacks in features too. But in a short span of time, modern technologies have worked wonders that now a Bluetooth speaker has become wireless and can play music both indoors and outdoors, offer many useful features for convenience and produce a high resolution audio sound, all in a compact and portable size. It may not be wrong to say that we, music lovers, have found the best way to listen music in Bluetooth speakers.

On this article, we will be discussing mainly on one new feature found in portable Bluetooth speaker- Wi-Fi Connectivity. Read on to learn what it is, and what this new feature has in store for you.

What is Wi-Fi Connectivity in Bluetooth Speaker?

Similar to Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi is just another wireless technology that allows your electronic devices to connect to the internet. By using radio waves it can produce a high speed internet and network connections. When you turn on the Wi-Fi in your electronic devices, it wirelessly connects to the available LAN (WLAN) network, and through radio wave transmission internet connectivity was established. It has a wireless connectivity range of about 20 meters indoors, while the connectivity range may increase further outdoors.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a feature you will find in latest Bluetooth speakers. It is a very useful feature that will increase the usability of the speaker to a great extend. It gives you the option of not only playing music over Bluetooth connection, but steaming latest music over the internet. In the following heading, we’ll discuss at length what Wi-Fi connectivity in Bluetooth speaker has in store for you.

Is Wi-Fi an Important Feature in Bluetooth Speakers? What are the Benefits?

Portable Bluetooth speakers had been doing well even before the integration of Wi-Fi connectivity. But, as already hinted above, the inclusion of Wi-Fi in portable Bluetooth speakers increases the option of playing music. In short, it gives you more ways to play music. The inclusion of Wi-Fi in portable Bluetooth speakers will give you the following benefits.

  • Better Sound Quality – Wi-Fi connection allows transmission of audio data without losing the audio fidelity. This means that the audio bits transmitted from the source to the receiver are found identical (no fidelity loss). If you are an audiophile and want to play high resolution audio files, choosing a premium Bluetooth speaker with Wi-Fi connectivity is the key.
  • Wider/Longer Connecting Range Wi-Fi provides better connecting range than Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth connection is limited to 33 feet, while a Wi-Fi can cover a range between 100-300 feet.
  • AirPlay Wi-Fi connectivity in your Bluetooth speaker lets you stream music directly from AirPlay. AirPlay is a protocol developed by Apple Inc. that enables sending pictures, music files, video, etc. to other compatible devices. Earlier AirPlay is Apple-specific, which means that it is found only in Apple products such as iPhone, iPod and iPad. But now Apple has allowed other third party manufacturers to use AirPlay in their own products and so you will find AirPlay feature in non Apple products too. If you are using iPhone or if your musical gadgets have AirPlay button, you can stream music directly to your speaker at a press of a button over Wi-Fi connection.
  • Direct Connection to Cloud StorageWhen connected to your home network or any network, a Wi-Fi integrated Bluetooth speaker can stream music directly from cloud based music servers such as Spotify, Pandora, Google Cast, etc. This feature gives you endless options of playing music from different music servers or radio stations.
  • Multi-room Audio SettingsThe inclusion of Wi-Fi connectivity in Bluetooth speaker also enable multi-room audio settings. It means you can pair multiple compatible speakers for multi room listening. You can control each speaker from the recommend apps and play different song on each speaker at the same time. Multi-room feature is a desired feature in Bluetooth speaker at the present market.

After learning all the points stated above, I personally think buying a portable Bluetooth speaker with Wi-Fi connectivity will only give you more benefits. If you are a music lover, you will love this feature as it gives you endless option to play music.

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