Wireless Speakers 101: Bluetooth in Portable Speakers

I recently read a very funny article on the internet. It is a list of things you can wish for your enemies. One on them goes like this, “May you always stand up with you headphones in your ears.”  Haha, noble thought and certainly a winning move…unless your nemesis uses Bluetooth devices. Hah! You can certainly get away with such wishes yourself if you use Bluetooth headsets or use Bluetooth speakers. Continuing in that mode, what is Bluetooth to us, and why do we keep hearing about Bluetooth devices ever so often, in addition to us using it too. Is the development and incorporation of Bluetooth Technology in speakers a neat move?

To begin with, Wireless speakers are loudspeakers that do not use audio cables for transferring data but uses Radio Frequency instead. This means that you can play songs and other audio materials across rooms without worrying about wires and cables. This also means that a majority of these devices are portable and are actually light enough for towing along without any hassle.

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Do you need Internet to use Wireless Speakers?

One common misconception that most people have when it comes to wireless gadgets is the question of whether you need Wi-Fi connection to connect it with or not. No. The answer to this is absolutely no. I am appalled by the number of people that thinks that they need the Internet to connect their smartphones and other devices for playing songs with a Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth device is for one on one pairing wirelessly and seamlessly, and you are good to go as long as both devices have Bluetooth feature on them.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: The confusion

When it comes to going wireless, a lot of confusion and talks has erupted over which way to go; Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Actually, if you knew that both of these are similar, yet has different functionality things would not be so complicated. Regardless of how similar these technologies are, they actually are accompaniments of the others. They serve different purposes. Bluetooth is for one-on-one pairing with Bluetooth enabled devices and usually has small-range coverage. A Wi-Fi, on the other hand is designed specially to connect multiple computers and devices over a network. This is typically used for sharing internet and the range of these devices may go from a few meter radius to covering one whole airport. With a Bluetooth enabled device, you are sending data directly to the other gadget, in this case from your phone to the Bluetooth Speaker, and this does not require you to use the Internet at all; no Wi-Fi requirement.

Are Bluetooth Speakers Limited Only to Listening Songs?

You will be surprised by how much more you can do with a Bluetooth speaker. You can use it for listening to podcasts, cooking instructions, movies, and all types of audio media. You can also use some models as a powerbank, loud speakers, and even as a flash light. There are many features to discover here.

How Big is the Bluetooth range?

From experience, I can say that some of the best outdoor Bluetooth Speakers including small shower speaker has a good range of 15 feet to 30 feet radius in open ground. It may be lesser if you have major wall blocks or other disturbances. This is a pretty decent working range, although the range will differ from company to company and model to model. Do ensure that you check it while buying.

Now that you have the basics cleared, feel free to indulge in your favorite song through one of those awesome portable Bluetooth speakers. Now, you also know the trick to do away with tangled wired forever. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello Alex,
    Great tips to choose the right wireless portable speaker. I usually consider wireless range and different connectivity features while choosing the Bluetooth speaker.

  2. I have the Bh-23 Bluetooth speaker , since I used for mobile it’s good, I can simply pair with my phone, but can’t pair with my laptop. I need an updated driver file for the peripheral for win7 starter 32bits. Is it necessary to have this driver any help will be appreciated.

  3. If I buy a home theater and all the speaker’s are blue tooth will they work great with my Tv amd DVD player the DVD player came with Bluetooth speakers i have no internet connection or Wi-Fi at all

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